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BARINSO Introduction

AMERICAN BARINSO GROUP INC,Founded in 2018 and located in California, USA, the company is mainly engaged in pet nutrition and pet care and pet products research and development and production. With the participation of more than 110 elite professional veterinarians and pet nutritionists, the BARINSO-UX Joint Laboratory focuses on the development of all our products to ensure the highest quality pet food. BARINSO has become an industry leader in the manufacture of pet food, care, supplies and other products with high standards of quality control. For 5 years, BARINSO has been working with great enthusiasm to improve the quality of life of pets, helping to enrich and prolong the special relationship between humans and pets, and promoting harmonious coexistence between society and nature.

Our nutrition philosophy was based on a promise.

Since 2018, BARINSO has been working on tailor-made nutritional supplements for dogs and cats to create a better world for pets.

BARINSO Brand Story

When their cat, LION, was diagnosed with a skeletal condition, Peter and his pals searched for the best pet nutrition possible for their son.Unable to find products with high-quality natural ingredients, they had to create their own.So with BARINSO, they started feeding LION like family and have since inspired tens of thousands of pet parents to do the same.

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